3 medicinal plants for cystitis
3 medicinal plants for cystitis

Antibacterial and diuretic remedies to treat cystitis
Do you have cystitis? Well, if so, you should take into account these medicinal plants for cystitis, which are true antibacterial and diuretic remedies, ideal for natural treatment. Accompany me!

How to cure cystitis?
Cystitis is a bacterial infection that can harm the health of your urinary system. Therefore, if you usually suffer from this condition, it will be useful to have these 3 medicinal plants on hand, considered true home remedies for cystitis.

Germs such as bacteria can cause an infection in the bladder and also in the urinary tract. When this happens, cystitis occurs. Although this disease can affect both men and women, it is the latter who suffer mostly from this pathology.

On many occasions, cystitis tends to recur, so if this is your case, you will be interested in learning about some medicinal plants with antibacterial and diuretic properties, which are consumed in infusion. These contain active ingredients that act against bacteria and other germs, as well as help to eliminate them from the body.

home remedies for cystitis
Well, below, you will find 3 medicinal plants for cystitis with which you can prepare effective infusions to combat your problem. I hope you find them useful.

Echinacea is a plant that has antibacterial properties that can help you fight certain germs that lodge in the bladder and urinary tract. To obtain these benefits you can prepare an infusion of echinacea, which you can drink up to 3 times a day.

Marjoram contains a substance known as hydroquinone, which would fight urinary tract infections. Prepare a tea from the marjoram plant and as in the previous case, drink up to 3 cups of this infusion per day.

For its part, marshmallow is an herb that provides compounds that reduce inflammation of the bladder and help eliminate germs, which can cause cystitis. I will tell you how to prepare your infusion:

Put a tablespoon of dried flowers per cup of water.
Let rest for 30 minutes.
Strain and drink up to 2 cups daily.
In addition to these 3 medicinal plants, there are others such as blueberries, garlic and onion that are also useful for the natural treatment of cystitis.

Cystitis is a disease that must be treated, so it is essential that at the first symptoms (cloudy or bloody urine, pain or burning when urinating, cramps in the lower abdomen or back and/or fever), you go to the doctor. for its corresponding treatment.

Infusions for cystitis
In any case, below, you will find more natural alternatives to remove cystitis. Remember that natural treatments based on medicinal plants complement medical treatments, but do not replace them.

Corn beard. Did you know that corn beard infusion can be a very good home remedy for cystitis? So that’s it. You just have to prepare it and drink up to 3 cups per day.
Of blueberries. Another infusion that can help you cure cystitis is blueberry. Take up to 3 cups a day. If you prefer, you can replace them with three cups of cranberry juice, which is also delicious.
Geranium. Finally, you can resort to geranium infusions that will also help you alleviate the symptoms of your cystitis, since they promote diuresis, avoiding urine infection.

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