No matter who you are in love with now, and no matter how many epic romantic plots you have performed or are currently performing, when the word marriage is mentioned, please pause for 5 seconds, clear your passionate brain, and format the hard drive occupied by passion. , have some sense and analyze carefully. Is he a man you can marry, should marry, and marry as soon as you want?

It is generally possible to marry a middle-class man

Marriability: Excellent

In short, a middle-class man is in the middle of the pack in all aspects. His income is neither too much nor too little, his appearance is neither good nor bad, his temper is neither warm nor hot, his position is neither high nor low, he is responsible but not too responsible, and he is enterprising but not a workaholic. , romantic but not too romantic… It is certainly not easy to find a completely centrist man. In fact, those who meet three criteria can be classified as marryable centrist men.

The three key quality standards are:

  1. Income is neither too much nor too little. It can ensure a good living standard for the family without causing mischief. Even if you accidentally fall into a pile of dollars in the future, you will not be poor and rich for a long time, and you can’t wait to replace your wife like clothes.
  2. A tepid temper. Of course, a man must have a temper, and petty quarrels are purely a matter of grudges, otherwise life will be boring. The key to a marryable man’s character is not his good temper, but his tolerance, generosity and insensitivity. Don’t marry a man who always yells at you for hurting other people’s self-esteem.
  3. Ambitious but not a workaholic. Only if a man has a little bit of career ambition can he ensure his social status and the prosperity of his family’s economy. What’s more, putting his mind into his career can occupy part of the hard drive and eliminate the virus that flirts with women. Of course, never marry a workaholic unless you are determined to dedicate all your youth and blood to him.

The best qualities to marry: Good character. The biggest advantage of centrist men is their mental health. Because they are good or bad in every aspect, they are less likely to be criticized or praised. Their personality distortion index is the lowest among all men.

Suitable people for marriage:

Nearly all women can have good marriage prospects by marrying a centrist man, including Margaret Thatcher and Carly Fiorina, the world’s number one female CEO.

The most important issue you need to consider: At certain times, when faced with promotion or money-making opportunities, he may seem not enthusiastic enough, and may seem unwilling to make progress.

An elite man who is different from his appearance

Marriability: good

Elite woman Faye Wong once admitted that I am lazy, lack patience and perseverance; I smoke, I am willful, I am straightforward, I love to lose my temper, I am an out-and-out layman, confident and low self-esteem. Although no elite man has yet been found to be so frank and forthright, with a little wisdom you can imagine that God has given everyone similar things. Your ability to cope with your career will be stronger, and your ability to cope with life will definitely be weaker. The first choice must be your spouse. Just as an insider said after Faye Wong’s marriage change, it must be very hard to be Faye Wong’s husband. In the same way, being the wife of an elite man will naturally be more difficult.

The three key quality standards are:

  1. Work hard to guard the treasure. It is of course much more difficult to keep a man with long legs than to keep a diamond passbook. Don’t say “men become bad when they have money”. Even if he is in peace, he can’t withstand the indiscriminate bombardment of flowers and butterflies around him. You must know that it is easy to be Liu Xiahui once, but it is difficult to be Liu Xiahui for a lifetime. When marrying such a man, you must be prepared to fight with other women in a battle of wits and courage, or to be completely virtuous and completely blind.
  2. Sacrifice the time spent together as a couple. How can you become an elite man if you are not a workaholic, socializer, and playaholic? When you are alone in an empty house, money cannot talk to you. Of course, it is easy to find someone to talk to you or even do other things, but do you dare?
  3. The back of the gold coin is shit. Bill Gates stinks and doesn’t shower. Men may be elites outside, but they may be trash at home. Sensitive, suspicious, petty, bad temper, bad relationship with relatives, almost impotent because of work… In short, before marrying an elite man, you should carefully examine the details, don’t be blinded by the halo around his head, thinking that everything else is wrong. It’s a small CASE.

The best thing to marry: face. Marrying well is worse than doing well. Marrying an elite man is said to be very flattering.

Suitable people for marriage:

  1. Extremely virtuous and gentle.
  2. The elites are unbecomingly powerful.

The most important question you need to consider: putting aside the halo for the moment, are you mentally prepared for the reverse side of the coin?

Durable and durable

Marriability: good

The classic image of a husband-cooking man is said to be that of a traditional Shanghai man. There are several families living in the old alley lively. The ladies gather around the table and play mahjong. The gentlemen use small toothbrushes to clean their wives’ bras carefully while talking about how much the pak choi has gone up. When it was time to eat, the wife yelled, and the husband was frightened. He listened to the wife scolding him with a smile on his face, and wondered if he was going to starve to death. For the mediocre marriage life, the husband-cooking man is as considerate as a little vest, otherwise the folk motto “Marry a Cantonese girl to marry a wife, and marry a Shanghainese man to marry a man” would not be spread.

However, times have changed, and the marriageable function of husbands has declined. After all, they have a good temper and are not like men; they are too considerate, which is a bit nauseating; and they are devoted to their families and have no strong career ambitions. From a simple point of view of life, a husband-boiler is certainly an excellent candidate for a good husband, but a woman may not be willing to marry such a man.

The two key quality standards are:

  1. If you don’t know how to smoke, drink or do anything, you will have no future in officialdom.
  2. One hundred and twenty considerate and one hundred fifty assured, life is a bit boring, without challenge or passion.

The best point to marry: Don’t worry. The man who cooks his husband has a strong sense of family, and his wife is always number one. Even if he has some evil thoughts due to some circumstances, he will definitely have the intention to do so but not the courage to do so.

Suitable people for marriage:

  1. Emotionally traumatized people who have not found any bargains from elite men or prodigal men.
  2. The person whose father is a husband-boiler, has an Electra complex, and is accustomed to and loves this type of man.
  3. I am an elite strongman and need someone to take charge of the house.

The question you need to consider most is: When a man’s family function and social function cannot be balanced at the same time, which aspect do you pay more attention to.

Marriability: Medium

The baby boy has big breasts, is innocent, and knows all the interesting places in the city. They make very good love partners. I can chat with you through text messages all night long; I can create a web page to surprise you on Valentine’s Day; I can take you to a dirty alley to eat the most authentic fried stinky tofu; I can crawl into someone’s backyard to pick a rose or a green plum for you. Do you think this is all because he loves you? Maybe, a little bit, but more because of their nature, they look for fun and exciting things like children. When you are moved to death by those romances, it is actually they who benefit more. One day, you got tired of playing and didn’t want to play with him anymore, and then you realized how difficult the baby boy was.

Its five key quality standards are:

  1. Babies are of course self-centered. No matter how much you like something, if they find it not fun, they will give up resolutely, including the red book of marriage.
  2. Any complicated thing is a disaster for them, so they will choose to stay away from women’s complicated thoughts and emotions or pretend to be stupid.
  3. When it comes to problems in life, he will hide away if he can. If he can’t hide, he will cleverly squat down and let you carry it.
  4. From teasing the boss to having a one-night stand, it all depends on the person’s interest. Of course, he will regret and cry bitterly afterwards, but don’t expect him to have strong principles.
  5. Optimism is his strength, but if you are depressed and anxious, he will still happily play a treasure hunt game with you, and you will go crazy.

The best point to marry: interesting. They will play tricks on you, whether you want to play or not.

Suitable people for marriage:

  1. Someone who is super motherly and patient.
  2. Baby girl, it is a good choice for two babies to play together and grow together.

Questions you urgently need to consider: Do you have enough patience to wait for him to grow up?

Marriability: Poor

The prodigal man is like an arrogant and unruly wild horse. The biggest characteristic of their character is that they do not bow to the secular world, wander around, and regard money, fame and fortune as a passing cloud. When he is confident, he takes a lever and wants to pry the earth over. However, in the dead of night, he shows you the scarred side of a wandering soul. Their perfect posture of confrontation with the world can arouse women’s strong desire to conquer and the glory of motherhood.

The prodigal’s love is like a mirage. When he loves, he really loves you and loves you more than others. However, the emotional wandering has become a part of his life, which is as proud and proud as the Roman medal. He may propose to you easily, or he may fall in love with someone else the day after he proposes, or he may suddenly disappear and become a savage in the mountains and forests. Super prodigal Marlon Brando made a lot of money but relied on government relief in his later years. Six women who fell in love with him committed suicide for him. He himself said that he had 9 children. The number released by the police was 15. According to folklore, for 25. The prodigal son is a woman’s fate. He is very charming, but whoever marries him will be unlucky.

The three key quality standards are:

  1. The prodigal son’s bad habit of lacking a sense of responsibility is the poison of marriage. Don’t naively expect to change him through naked love.
  2. Injure someone for your friend’s expense, donate the only money you have at home to the Cat Lovers Association, comfort your friend’s widow when the gun went off… The loyal prodigal will leave a lot of trouble for you to solve.
  3. Talking to a prodigal son about buying a house and a car to build a better future is tantamount to playing the piano to a cow. If someone has money, they will go wandering and if they don’t, they will go home and farm.

The best marriageable point: romance. Most of the male protagonists in Japanese dramas are prodigal sons, so it is natural for them to have earth-shattering love stories.

Suitable people for marriage:

  1. A person who is extraordinary and refined and does not calculate gains and losses based on long term.
  2. Super intelligence, can turn wild wolves into domestic dogs.

Questions you urgently need to consider: There are two consequences of marrying a prodigal son. One is that you are driven crazy, and the other is that the prodigal son is transformed. Which of these two huge projects do you choose?

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