Does He Love You? Tips for Better Intimacy
Does He Love You? Tips for Better Intimacy

I think he loves you. As for your discomfort during intimacy, I believe it may be due to inadequate foreplay.

Typically, intimacy is best when the atmosphere is very relaxed and both of you have strong desires. Otherwise, doing it for a long time like that and without enough foreplay, it’s normal for both of you to feel discomfort (though he may experience more psychological pain than physical pain).

Because every man is concerned about his “ability and prowess” in that area, I’m sure he loves you based on what you’ve told me. Since you love each other, it’s best to improve the intimacy and atmosphere. I believe you both will be very happy and satisfied!

I hope my answer is helpful to you. I wish you a happy life and healthy family!

As for whether a man is willing to perform oral sex as a sign of love, I cannot speak for all men. However, in my opinion, it can be considered a sign of love. I have always been a bit of a neat freak, but my girlfriend wanted to try oral sex and because I love her and wanted to make her happy, I decided to give it a try. Since my girlfriend is usually slow to respond to normal foreplay methods, she suggested that I perform oral sex because she heard that it could be very enjoyable and exciting. Honestly, I was a little grossed out at first, but since she asked for it, I didn’t want to disappoint her. I practiced and made sure to brush my teeth before every session. Eventually, my girlfriend was satisfied and even said she could feel my love for her. She became more proactive during our intimate moments as well. We were truly a happy couple. However, I began experiencing premature ejaculation for some reason, and it was really difficult for me. My girlfriend didn’t understand and even thought I no longer loved her. She stopped wanting oral sex and even refused to sleep with me. It was really unfair because I thought the premature ejaculation was just temporary and I could recover quickly with proper rest and adjustments.

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