Even worse after drinking, double the time of sex life
Even worse after drinking, double the time of sex life

A buddy said that after eating with his brothers that time, after drinking too much, he got excited when he went back, and he and his wife…

It doesn’t feel as hard as before, but it’s been a long time, and I can’t get it out no matter what. I have used all methods, and finally it feels like the bottom is on fire. For the first time, I felt that a long time is not a good thing!


1. Slightly drunk:
Sex life after being slightly drunk can indeed increase the interest to a certain extent, because alcohol can excite and inhibit the central kidney essence and sexual nerves.

A small amount of moderate drinking can make people feel relaxed, can relieve physical and mental fatigue, and can prolong the time to a certain extent, so it is helpful to stimulate sexual desire.

Slightly drunk

2. Drunk:
The sex life after drunkenness is not very strong. After drunkenness, the nervous system that controls sexual ability is in a state of inhibition, which will cause difficulty in erection for male friends.

Although it can prolong the time, it is difficult for some friends to come up with it, but the erection is not so good, and it is impossible to complete a satisfactory sex life.

In the sex life after drunkenness, some men’s usually suppressed emotions are easy to be released after drinking, and the actions may be rough, which is easy to cause injuries, such as broken penis.

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