First Time Sex Pain: Causes and Solutions for Women
First Time Sex Pain: Causes and Solutions for Women

In many cases, women may desire greater satisfaction or have a strong need for genital stimulation, which can cause their partner to be more aggressive during sex. However, many women may feel uncomfortable or experience pain, which can lead to health problems if they are too indulgent. Women may also experience pain due to insufficient lubrication, but using a lubricant can help alleviate discomfort and promote pleasure for both partners, making sex more enjoyable.

Experiencing pain during your first time having sex is normal, but it’s important to remember that you are still young and should not rush into sex too early. Pain may be caused by engaging in sexual activity beyond one’s comfort zone. Developing good sexual habits and engaging in appropriate sexual activity can improve the relationship between partners and fully relax the body. After sex, it’s best to clean the genital area with warm water.

It’s possible that the pain is caused by insufficient foreplay, which may cause the vagina to not be fully relaxed and lubricated, resulting in discomfort due to excessive friction. Once you get used to it, everything should be fine. This is not related to having cervical inflammation. It’s important to practice safe sex and use contraception.

If your partner cries after the first time having sex and then walks normally, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not a virgin. It could be that she is concerned about your feelings or is shy about admitting that she is not a virgin, as she may fear that you will think less of her. Women sometimes hide the truth, and some lies are told with good intentions. Virginity is not that important as long as you love and respect each other.

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