Impotence is something that male friends are never willing to mention. Unfortunately, many men suffer from impotence in life. According to professional doctors in andrology, there are more and more young men with impotence. How do men suffer from impotence? After suffering from impotence, not only It endangers the health of men themselves and the harmony of family life.

According to professional doctors, the causes of impotence are:

1. Male premature ejaculation can lead to impotence. Premature ejaculation is a common sexual dysfunction disease among male friends. If it is not treated in time, it may cause impotence. This is because premature ejaculation brings great pressure to men. Premature ejaculation often causes a very large psychological burden on men. Over time, these psychological burdens cause impotence.

2. Men’s overwork is also the cause of impotence, such as working overtime late at night, etc., which will cause men’s bodies to be overwhelmed, and over time it will lead to male impotence. Professional doctors in andrology pointed out: Male friends should eliminate fatigue and relax more. Do not have sex when you are tired or under great psychological pressure, otherwise, once impotence occurs, it will make male friends even more depressed.

3. Male masturbation, moderate masturbation is harmless, but excessive male masturbation will cause impotence. In life, many single men use masturbation to vent their sexual desires. This is normal. This situation has nothing to do with impotence, but excessive masturbation will cause psychological abnormalities and negative factors. , these bad factors will lead to the occurrence of impotence.

Andrology experts said that the above-mentioned causes of impotence are part of it. You should pay attention to some details in your life to avoid the occurrence of impotence. If you don’t take it seriously, sometimes the external factors that cause impotence are your own hands. Caused.

What external factors that lead to impotence are caused by you alone?

1. Unbalanced nutritional intake: The improvement of the quality of life has greatly increased the refined food with high protein, high fat, and high sugar, while the intake of vegetable food has decreased, leading to a series of diseases such as obesity and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. A sharp increase, which directly or indirectly affects the male erectile function.

2. Lack of exercise: Communication, office, transportation, and living conditions have improved. Many people take cars when they go out, and take elevators upstairs. They also lack exercise at ordinary times, which makes energy accumulation in the body, which makes various metabolic functions of themselves disordered and affects erection. function, resulting in an obstacle.

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