Improving Sexual Satisfaction: Using a Pillow and Other Tips
Improving Sexual Satisfaction: Using a Pillow and Other Tips

I believe that for many men, they are more concerned about their sex life. Most of them hope to reach orgasm in sex, while some women may place a pillow under their hips during sex, believing that this can achieve orgasm. Is this true? In the process of sex, what should we pay attention to in order to satisfy each other?

Why do we need a pillow during sex?

Generally speaking, due to the special structure of the female vagina, it is difficult for the male penis to enter the female vagina. Therefore, placing a pillow under the buttocks can make it easier for the male penis to enter, and women can achieve orgasm during sex. At the same time, for some couples who are preparing to conceive, placing a pillow under the female buttocks can increase the female’s pregnancy rate.

What should we pay attention to during sex?

  1. Keep clean and hygienic

Hygiene and cleanliness should also be done well during sex. Clean the genitals in advance to avoid bacterial cross-infection.

  1. Control the frequency

Men should not be too nervous during sex, but also pay attention not to indulge themselves. Control the frequency of sex, as frequent sex for men can easily lead to excessive fatigue and affect their mental state the next day.

  1. Take contraception measures

If you do not plan to get pregnant, you should take contraceptive measures. This can reduce the burden on each other, avoid affecting the quality of sex life due to excessive worries, and prevent accidental pregnancy that may require abortion, which is very harmful to the body.

Avoid excessive duration

Sexual intercourse is not the longer the better. The longer the sexual intercourse, the more likely it is to lose sexual desire due to fatigue, so it is important to avoid prolonging sexual intercourse.

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