There are many proven prescriptions for treating nocturnal emission in ancient times, all of which have good curative effects, but are relatively expensive, and belong to the medicine of great tonic. Combining Galla chinensis and Poria cocos, two cheap medicines, to make the nocturnal emission formula, the effect is also good. So how to use levator ani exercise to treat nocturnal emission? Let’s find out below.

Spermatorrhea can be divided into physiological and pathological. Those who have dreams and leave them are “nocturnal emissions”; Generally speaking, pathological nocturnal emission is mostly caused by deficiency of the kidney and insufficient essence, or disharmony between the heart and the kidney, and damp-heat betting. The following introduces a nocturnal emission recipe that ordinary people can accept, for the readers.

The specific method is: Galla gall 30 grams, Poria cocos 60 grams. Grind together into fine powder, take 6 grams with warm boiled water on an empty stomach, once a day in the morning and evening. It has the effects of calming the heart and nourishing the kidney, diuretic and astringent. Note: Avoid spicy food when taking this prescription.

Warm reminder: For pathological nocturnal emission, in addition to traditional Chinese medicine, the following physical therapies can also be used.

Massage therapy: palms facing each other, after rubbing to generate heat, push and rub 100 times from the waist to the sacrum.

Cold water bath: take a cold water bath once a day, or rinse the scrotum with cold water for 2 to 3 minutes before going to bed every night.

Levator ani exercise: Sit on the bed and contract the anus every night before going to bed, as if holding back a bowel movement, repeat 20 to 30 times, inhale deeply when contracting, and exhale when relaxing. The movements should be soft, slow and rhythmic.

Half-squat stance: straighten your chest and bend your knees to half-squat, keep your head straight, look forward, and raise your arms forward (like holding a heavy object in your consciousness, stretching forward as much as you can), while keeping the posture of your knees unchanged Under normal circumstances, try to clamp inward, keep the legs, lower abdomen and buttocks in high tension, and recover after half a minute. Do it once a day in the morning and evening, and the number of times can be determined according to individual conditions.

Supine abdomen: Take the supine position, straighten your arms behind your head, and lift your upper body and legs up quickly at the same time, so that your hands and toes touch the sky above the abdomen, inhale when you lift up, and exhale when you return. Do it once a day in the morning and evening, 24 to 32 times each time. As the strength of the abdominal muscles increases, the number of repetitions can be gradually increased.

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