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how to build a healthy intimate relationship

In modern society, building a healthy relationship between the sexes is one of the goals that many people strive for. In a comfortable, supportive relationship, a couple can share their thoughts, emotions, and lives. In real life, however, building a healthy, comfortable relationship often takes some trying and hard work. This article will explore the […]

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How to treat impotence in men

Impotence is something that male friends are never willing to mention. Unfortunately, many men suffer from impotence in life. According to professional doctors in andrology, there are more and more young men with impotence. How do men suffer from impotence? After suffering from impotence, not only It endangers the health of men themselves and the […]

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How to diagnose testicular cancer

Testicular cancer is a malignant tumor disease that occurs in male testicular tissue. It has a great impact on the patient’s health and fertility. The cause of the disease is complicated and the treatment is troublesome. Early diagnosis is conducive to the treatment of testicular cancer , The following will introduce to you how to […]

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Levator ani exercise to treat spermatorrhea

There are many proven prescriptions for treating nocturnal emission in ancient times, all of which have good curative effects, but are relatively expensive, and belong to the medicine of great tonic. Combining Galla chinensis and Poria cocos, two cheap medicines, to make the nocturnal emission formula, the effect is also good. So how to use […]

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Self-Fitness Can Cure Impotence

Impotence is a common disease in men. It is a manifestation of male sexual dysfunction and has a great impact on the lives of male patients. However, few people know that self-exercise can cure impotence. Let us understand it together knowledge. What is impotence? In the past, men’s “impotence” was generally referred to as “impotence”, […]

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Women’s Pubic Hair: Shaving and Differences Explained

Some people say that the pubic hair of women’s private parts can protect the female vagina and avoid the invasion of foreign bodies and pathogenic bacteria, but some people think that the pubic hair of women’s private parts provides a place for mold, trichomonas, lice and various pathogenic bacteria to derive. So, can women’s private […]

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Does He Love You? Tips for Better Intimacy

I think he loves you. As for your discomfort during intimacy, I believe it may be due to inadequate foreplay. Typically, intimacy is best when the atmosphere is very relaxed and both of you have strong desires. Otherwise, doing it for a long time like that and without enough foreplay, it’s normal for both of […]