See Through 6 Hidden Rules of Men's World
See Through 6 Hidden Rules of Men's World

It is said that the greatest misfortune of women is to misunderstand men. They always doubt what is behind men. In fact, men are easy to grasp. No matter how many illusions there are, as long as you love him, you may find his way. In fact, a woman will have a lot of fun loving a man. Through her love for a man, she can discover the infinite hidden world behind the man.

Men are indeed very complex and changeable “animals” who are constantly struggling throughout their lives. In order to reflect his own value, men will continue to secretly create thoughts in their hearts. Secret is the nanny of a man’s growth and the nutrient that nourishes his soul. If a man has no secret, he will feel empty in his heart and feel depleted. Men cannot do without secrecy. For men, these secrets are the unspoken rules of the man’s world.

After you read these self-righteous and self-satisfied strategies of men, you may be able to gain insight into the situation and make some gains in the new love battlefield.

Rule 1: No promises anyway

Scene: An Ran and Lao Mai have been in love for two years, and they think they are ready to consider marriage. But whenever An Ran proposed to get married, Lao Mai always said: “Isn’t it nice to be like this now?” So An Ran fell silent and had no choice but to live like this, but after a while she was not satisfied again.

Lao Mai told the truth at a gathering of buddies: getting married is a terrible thing. I shudder when I think about having to bear so much in the future. In fact, a girl like An Ran may not be able to live a good life.

Lao Mai’s hesitation and his attitude of not daring to pay for life have led to the instability of love between An Ran and him. Finally one day, Lao Mai left to study in the UK, leaving An Ran alone and sad.

Analysis: In order not to take responsibility, men often do not make promises easily. Men don’t want too much trouble. He will go out of his way to please you and win your favor, but he will never make promises lightly and always leaves a way out for himself.

Countermeasures: If you see signs of irresponsibility in the other person, you should immediately curb your romantic thoughts. You can be friends with him, but never have any illusions about him.

Someone who really wants to have a family with you will definitely take you to his home, meet his parents, relatives and friends, and discuss your future dreams and paths with you, instead of just being evasive and conciliatory.

Rule 2: Play “evaporate” often

Scene: Xiaomai thinks Zou Shi is strange. He doesn’t reject her affection. He always treats her well when they meet and seems to be very close to her. However, the opportunities for them to meet are getting less and less, and the time to meet is getting shorter and longer. short.

He would disappear completely from time to time, not answering calls or text messages. When she became anxious, he would suddenly appear again with a smile on his face, as if he had forgotten what had happened.

Zou Shi said this: “Actually, I am no longer as nice to her as I used to be, but she still often buys me small gifts and always calls me. It really bothers me. She always follows her way of thinking. Come and love me. I won’t make her sad, because I’m used to being a gentleman in front of girls, and being cool and fun is not just for her.”

Analysis: Men are sometimes willing to stay away from women like this: He conquers you with his diligent and unrestrained attitude, making you unable to forget his vitality and fun. You can’t help but miss him, but he seems to have evaporated, and he will not be with you even if he has time. connection.

When he showed up again, he was still as funny and cute as ever. Even if you have heard that he has a bad reputation, you can’t help but believe him.

He can handle whatever you say, which makes you happy and makes you feel that being with him is really a happy thing. Even when he said unscrupulously, “I just like women,” you thought it was his straightforward and shining personality.

He can always be unique and full of magic in your emotional world. Although sometimes you realize that you are not his only one, you are hopelessly obsessed with him.

Because it is very easy for men to be two-faced.

Countermeasures: Men finally reveal their true colors, they sometimes just play some emotional games. So you must not take it seriously. You must learn to hide your desires and emotions and maintain your sense of mystery, which will make you more attractive. The more urgent the other person is, the more you have to deal with it calmly. Rather than letting yourself worry, it’s better to make him anxious.

Rule 3: The last one to play a card

Scene: Zihao is a master of love. He quickly loses interest in girls who are eager to express their love to him. As for the female painter Xin’er, even though she knew she loved Zihao very much, she never showed any of her emotions.

She always maintained a detached attitude from him, never showing her feelings in front of him. Zihao later sadly told his buddies that he might have really fallen in love with Xin’er. He was obsessed with such a girl, and he didn’t know what was wrong with him.

Analysis: Remember, the last one between you two should always play the cards. Never be in a hurry to show your cards first, so that you can easily take the initiative without being hurt. When a man doesn’t know what you think, he will miss you more intensely, and you will always give him a reason to look for you.

As long as you leave him with the thought of wanting to see you, you have a chance of winning. If you tell him sincerely “I like you very much” at the end of the first date, you’re starting to lose.

Even if he tells you the same thing, as long as you smile gently, you have won in the details.

In fact, he is not interested in your confession. What he is interested in is why you are always half a beat behind him, why you always treat him well when you see him, but seem to have forgotten him when you don’t see him.

Countermeasures: Don’t pay too much attention to him and don’t rush to express your feelings. Live your own life, have your own friends and hobbies. They are only a small part of your life, not the most important, so your chances of winning will be great.

Rule 4: Don’t rush to call

Scenario: You have met, he is devoted to you, and you gave him your business card. You are almost certain that he will send you a large bouquet of roses tomorrow.

But a week has passed and you haven’t received a call. Jiaming, 28, revealed, “When it comes to making phone calls, every man will follow a certain rhythm, which means making her wait.”

He said: “Generally, if I have an idea for a girl, I want to call early, but I realize that if I rush into something, she might think I’m reckless or that I’m madly in love. I’ve lost her, so I’ll talk about it in a few days.”

Analysis: In the movie “Dandy” that men admire, there is a “call back after three days” rule, but this is not iron-clad – if that were the case, it would be too easy.

According to the investigation, there is no universal time limit. The core of the rule is: as long as you can bear it, don’t make any calls.

Men sometimes put off calling out of sheer laziness, they don’t have the same sense of urgency as women do to make plans, or they don’t take getting your phone number as important. When a man asks you for your contact information, it only means that he may call you but not definitely.

Countermeasures: Either go out of the house, or call a friend, or rent some movies to watch. In short, do something to enrich yourself. Don’t always guard a phone that never rings. Remember, unless you are a masochist, don’t torture yourself by waiting for a call.

Rule 5: Prepare tenderness and ecstasy soup

Scene: “We all know that women like compliments and romance,” said Mr. Zhao, who has studied women a lot. “Men sometimes don’t want to show their tenderness or flatter women. But we know clearly that our tenderness will not be in vain. , the rewards are always great.”

“I say nice things at the right times to make her feel content and safe. The impact these innocuous words of flattery or a few romantic gestures can have is incredible.”

Analysis: It’s no secret that women expect men to show their tenderness from time to time. How can you not be moved when a man tells you that your eyes are as bright as stars and your teeth are as white as pearls?

Unfortunately, surveys show that men always make up sweet words to please women in order to achieve their own goals.

Countermeasures: Try to distinguish true feelings from false ones, and keep a clear mind. If his compliments are general, like “You’re so beautiful,” then he’s probably forcing himself to be fake gentle to you; if his compliments are specific, like “When you smile, the freckles on your brow are jumping, and it’s very beautiful.” “Beauty”, then it is probably a natural expression of love for you.

Rule 6: Perform cold treatment and separate operations

Scenario: Maybe your relationship isn’t perfect at first, but you think there’s at least the possibility of it developing.

But he never called. After a whole week, it finally dawns on you: you’ve been dumped.

He used a disgraceful and even cowardly abandonment tactic: leaving the other party alone and letting her figure it out.

Analysis: Why do men choose this way of breaking up? One is because it is an easy way to escape. Breaking up in person or over the phone is undoubtedly painful.

Who wants to fight? Most men don’t want to have an emotional confrontation with a woman.

For men, breaking up means countless unanswerable “whys” and tons of tears for women. They don’t know what to do about it, so they think it’s better for both parties to avoid the fight.

There are also some practical reasons why men are reluctant to break up with women. They give themselves room to come back into your life when they are lonely.

A man knows that as long as the interval is not too long, all he needs to do is apologize for not calling, make up some beautiful lies about his recent whereabouts, and then invite you to go out for fun, then in the blink of an eye, you will be there again. Back into his arms.

Countermeasures: After understanding a man’s hint of breaking up, have self-respect and self-love, and never fall in love with such a man again. Always remind yourself that what you want is a man with 100% true feelings, not an elusive love expert.

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