Impotence is a common disease in men. It is a manifestation of male sexual dysfunction and has a great impact on the lives of male patients. However, few people know that self-exercise can cure impotence. Let us understand it together knowledge.

What is impotence?

In the past, men’s “impotence” was generally referred to as “impotence”, which was not scientifically defined and had a discriminatory and derogatory meaning. Until 1992, the National Institutes of Health of the United States decided to use the term erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction, ED) to replace impotence (impotence), and defined penile erectile dysfunction as: the persistent inability of the penis to reach and/or Maintain enough erections for satisfying sex (coitus).

Impotence fitness methods

impotence diet

1. Stir-fried lamb liver with leeks: 90g leeks, washed and cut into sections; 120g slices of lamb livers, fried in an iron pan over high heat and served with vinegar to treat impotence due to the decline of Mingmen fire.

2. Stewed sheep kidney with Cistanche Herba: 5g~10g of Herba Cistanche, 1 pair of sheep kidney, boiled and seasoned to treat impotence.

3. Chicken tortoise soup: Take 1 chicken that has not laid eggs and weigh about 1000g, remove hair and internal organs; take another turtle that weighs about 500g, remove armor, 9g white pepper, and 500g brown sugar, and put it into the abdominal cavity of the chicken , put it in a sand pot, add 1000ml of white wine, cover it, seal it with mud, add a slow fire until the meat is rotten. Eat soup and meat, finish eating in 2 to 3 days. After 15 days, it will be taken according to the same method. This prescription nourishes the kidney and nourishes yin, and is used for impotence due to deficiency of kidney yin.

4. Medicinal shrimp paste: Take 30g of leek seeds, 15g of medlar and 15g of cnidium, 10g of dodder, decoct in water, 1 dose per day. In addition, fry 40g of large fresh shrimp to remove the head and tail, mash it slightly, add vinegar to make 30g of shrimp paste, and take it in one serving. For impotence due to deficiency of kidney yang, the prescription is warm but not dry.

5. Steamed sheep’s testicles: take a few green onion tubes, fill them with shrimps, to the degree of filling the onion tubes, dry them with a slow fire, grind them finely, and take 6g every morning. In addition, use 1 pair of sheep testicles, steam them with a little old wine, and take it every morning. 1 month is a course of treatment. Warming the kidney and strengthening yang, used for impotence due to decline of vital fire.

6. Pangolin bergamot eggs: pangolin 12g, bergamot 20g, boil two eggs with water, remove the shell after the eggs are cooked, take the eggs and fry for 15 minutes, eat eggs and drink soup, once every other day, for half a month. The combination of the three substances can dissipate stagnation, invigorate essence, stimulate yang, and treat impotence due to stagnation of liver qi.

7. Dongpo mutton: 240g mutton, 45g each of potatoes and carrots, 60g of soy sauce, 6g of cooking wine, 4.5g of sugar, 9g of green onions, 3g of ginger, 0.5g of aniseed, 0.75g of pepper, and 120g of vegetable oil. Cut the mutton into small pieces, peel and wash the potatoes and carrots, and cut them into diamond-shaped pieces. Put a large frying spoon on a high heat, pour in vegetable oil, and when the oil sees smoke, put in the mutton pieces, fry for about 5 minutes, and remove them when the meat turns golden brown, then put the potato and carrot pieces into the oil In the spoon, also deep-fry until golden brown, remove and pour off the remaining oil. Put the frying pan on low heat, pour in the fried mutton pieces, add water, then put in the above seasonings together, simmer until the meat is rotten, then add fried potatoes and carrot pieces, and simmer for 5 After a few minutes, pour it into the soup plate and serve. Serve with meal. It can replenish essence and blood, help Yuanyang, and is used for impotence of yang caused by kidney yang loss.

8. Duck with Cordyceps sinensis: 1 male duck, 10g of Cordyceps sinensis, a little salt, ginger and green onion. Wash it and put it in a casserole, add Cordyceps sinensis and the above-mentioned seasonings, appropriate amount of water, and simmer over low heat until cooked. Serve with a meal. Tonifying deficiency and supporting yang, it is used to treat impotence and nocturnal emission caused by deficiency and cold of kidney yang and failure of vital energy. It is an ideal nourishing food for long-term care.

9. Dog whip powder: 1 dog whip. Put sand in the pot to heat, put dog penis in the pot and stir-fry until loosened, take out and grind it, take 3g per serving, 2 times a day, and take it with warm water. For impotence due to kidney yang deficiency, cold essence.

10. Stewed dog meat: Yellow dog meat 500g~1000g, washed and cut into pieces, add star anise, fennel, cinnamon bark, grass fruit, ginger and salt, stew in a pot until cooked, eat meat and drink soup. For impotence due to spleen and kidney yang deficiency.

Through the study of impotence diet treatment knowledge, we know the method of self-fitness. As long as male patients adjust their diet in time and take care of themselves more, impotence will definitely leave you as soon as possible.

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