The Benefits of Regular Exercise for Physical and Mental Health
The Benefits of Regular Exercise for Physical and Mental Health

“Why does my boyfriend keep touching me?”

My boyfriend and I have been in love for two years, and our relationship has been good. He treats me well, and whenever there’s something good to eat, I always think of him.

But why does my boyfriend keep touching me?

When we first got together, we were both shy and nervous, and even kissing was a big deal. At that time, we weren’t in love, so we were both conservative. After a month of being together, we finally kissed. I used to always say my boyfriend was honest but not very active. Although I joked with him, I didn’t expect him to take it seriously, so I asked his friend about his dating techniques.

His friend was smooth-tongued and experienced in dating. My boyfriend followed him for a while and really improved a lot. He started saying sweet things to me, and sometimes he said I was shy. With his friend’s help, my boyfriend was completely transformed. He used to be like a block of wood, but now he’s very proactive with me, which makes me feel awkward.

After my boyfriend successfully completed his training, he became bolder and started acting like a domineering president. When we were together, he liked to squeeze my “bunny” (breasts) and watch them change shape in his hands. Although I pretended to reject him, every time he touched me, I felt comfortable. Later, we couldn’t resist and did “that” thing. I have a vivid memory of that chaotic night. My boyfriend was crazy about me, and in the end, he softened my legs.

After that, my boyfriend was addicted to touching me and kept doing it. Actually, I know what he wants to do, but I always pretend not to know. If I tell him what I know, he will definitely want me immediately, and I won’t be able to escape his clutches for a few hours. I will have to let him have his way with me. So, in front of him, I have to pretend to be clueless.

Why do men like to touch and bite women’s “bunnies” (breasts)? Women’s breasts have always been men’s favorite, especially for inexperienced men who want to touch and bite them. Do you know why men like to touch and bite women’s “bunnies”? It feels really good.

Why do men like to touch and bite women’s “bunnies”?

1. Physiological instinctive response

This is a habit of men, and women usually resist it at first. It’s an instinct! Animal desire! They can’t control themselves, and it helps develop the relationship. It’s also a kind of testing, testing whether the woman can accept this shy behavior, which is also a psychological effect of men!

Why do men like to touch and bite women’s “bunnies”?

2. Excitement and nervousness

Touching during kissing is not the same as touching down there. Because it’s too awkward to just touch down there, men use kissing as a way to relieve awkwardness. Because you don’t know what to do, you can’t put it in your pocket. Because when you’re excited, you always want to grab something… standing firmly by grabbing something. This is like holding the bowl while eating.

3. Natural physiological response

Men like to grab soft and elastic places, and women like men to stimulate their sensitive spots. This is complementary…

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