Understanding Female Orgasm Why Do Women Moan in Bed.jpeg
Understanding Female Orgasm Why Do Women Moan in Bed.jpeg

Moaning: Originally, moaning referred to the act of shouting and making soft, charming noises during sexual activity. In traditional thinking, men are generally not moaning. If a man is moaning, he is not considered a serious man. With people’s comprehensive understanding of sexual knowledge, the issue of moaning has been put back on the table.

However, why are most moans from women? From a medical perspective, sexual stimulation is related to certain parts of the brain. For example, males mainly stimulate the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for the highest level of mental function.

In contrast, females are in the hypothalamus of the midbrain, which can only affect primitive instinctive excitement. In other words, when sexual stimulation occurs, males will produce high-dimensional responses, while females only accept low-dimensional instinctive stimulation. Therefore, women will have a strong desire to repent.

That is to say, when sexual activity reaches orgasm, women will involuntarily make various moaning sounds. Due to this research, many men may think that women are still lower than men! In fact, this is not entirely correct, because according to many women, 60% of their male guests will make moaning sounds.

In conclusion, sound and sex are absolutely closely related. So far, I happened to hear the sound of the next-door neighbor’s cat in heat. If you have the opportunity to hear it and compare it, maybe you can understand moaning more and suddenly realize it.

1. Lay the woman on the bed face up, and prepare a bath towel underneath her. If you are right-handed, lie on her right side, somewhere between her chest and genitals.

2. Slowly start foreplay. For example, you can start with a three-minute kiss, kiss her, touch her breasts, rub her breasts with your hands, kiss her earlobes and breasts, and touch the inside of her thighs with your hands. Kiss every inch of her skin except for her genitals.

3. After a few minutes, slowly move your hand to her genitals, and use your fingers to rub her pubic hair. Gently massage the area above the pubic bone, cover the genitals with your right palm, and gently move your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger.

4. Then, you can use the fingertips of your middle finger to gently massage the woman’s outer genitals, or move up and down with the fingertips of your middle finger, remembering to apply a little pressure so that the woman feels better!

5. Finally, slowly approach the labia, and place the middle finger and ring finger on both sides of the labia. First, gently touch the surrounding area with your fingertips, vibrate to enhance the stimulation, and then use both fingers to gently circle clockwise for two or three minutes.

Is it normal to moan every time during penetration? Why does my girlfriend moan when I enter her?

6. Then use two fingers to spread and close her labia. After a while, slowly shrink the range, move to the clitoris, as if there is no clitoris, and rub it left and right. Continue to stimulate the clitoris until her vagina is lubricated.

It may not be known that some people can feel the pulsation of the male penis, but some people cannot feel it. Whether ejaculation has occurred can be asked of the man. However, if the withdrawal method is used, sometimes the male is unsure if ejaculation has occurred.

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