Psychological Effects
Psychological Effects

I want to hear a girl talk about her first time

1. Pain doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. It depends on each person’s physical condition, the environment at the time, and whether the boyfriend’s foreplay is sufficient. Some hymens are thick and some are thin, so the level of pain varies.

2. If you were too nervous at the time or there was insufficient foreplay leading to insufficient lubrication, it can increase the pain. Therefore, when making love, try not to be too nervous and relax.

3. The first time, consider your age. The older the hymen, the thinner it is and the less painful it is. But this depends on individual circumstances. You may think that every woman must experience this, so it’s not a big deal. After the first time, the first few times may not be very comfortable, but then it gets better. When you are wet, making love is very comfortable.

4. If there are few or no blood vessels in the ruptured area, there will be no blood. There are also congenital hypoplastic hymens, which may rupture before sexual intercourse due to exercise or vibration, and a small number of hymens have large openings that are resilient until childbirth.

The more a girl says it hurts, the more motivated the guy becomes

1. Desire to conquer men

Every man has a desire to conquer and occupy. The more you scream in pain, the more he wants to make you suffer. The sound of your screams can satisfy his desire to conquer, which is the main reason why boys are more intense when girls scream in pain.

2. Awaken the beast in men

We know that humans evolved from animals and are also advanced animals. When faced with animals weaker than themselves, they will jump up and kill them directly. This is the nature of animals! In fact, there is not much difference between humans and animals. They also have beasts in them. When a woman struggles, testosterone in her body will accelerate permeation, and the reaction will be more intense, while women and men like dead fish will be more boring!

3. Happier and more excited

There is also a twisted psychological aspect for distorted men. The more you scream in pain and struggle, the more excited they will be, and the stronger the pleasure they will feel! Therefore, girls should also pay attention. If your man is very rude and violent towards you, he may have psychological problems.

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