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Don’t be shy, both men and women should understand

Ms. Zhou is very distressed recently. She is only 45 years old, but she has less and less sex with her husband, often only once every three to five months. Among the sisters who are about her age, there are even some who have not had a married life for two or three years.

45-year-old Ms. Zhou: “It is said that women are like wolves at thirty and tigers at forty. I can clearly feel my growing desire, but I never dare to ask for it.”

50-year-old Ms. Wang: “My husband often says that we are old couples, and sex life is a matter of young people. Let’s not toss about our old bones. But I still have needs, and I can’t sleep.”

41-year-old Ms. Xue: “As I grow older, my needs in that area are stronger than when I was young, but I dare not speak out. On the one hand, it is because of shame, and on the other hand, I am afraid of being accused of indiscretion.”

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1. When women reach middle age, do they have stronger physiological needs than men?

Like the above case, many women have stronger physiological needs when they reach middle age. Is this true? A survey of American adults showed that, in general, men’s sexual desire intensity is higher than that of women, but if you focus on middle-aged people, women’s sexual desire intensity is higher than that of men.

Another survey also found that one-third of middle-aged women said that their sexual desire was stronger in middle age than when they were young, or that their sexual desire has always been strong.

Generally, in middle age, men start to feel a little “powerless”, while women have stronger desires. Why is there such a difference between the two?

Physiological factors: The level of sex hormones is one of the most important reasons for the strong physiological desire of middle-aged women. The hormone secretion of middle-aged women will undergo great changes. With the decline of ovarian function, the level of estrogen will also drop, and the level of androgen will often increase to a certain extent, which makes some women’s sexual desire stronger.

Psychological factors: Many women are conservative and shy when they are young, and dare not ask for and ask for their physical needs. However, with the growth of age and experience, women are more able to express their sexual needs boldly. At the same time, middle-aged women do not have to worry about unwanted pregnancies, and their mentality will be more relaxed.

Practical factors: The increase in women’s age often also means the increase in marriage age. The frequency of married life and sex may gradually decrease, and men will gradually be unable to do what they want. Women’s sexual desires will not be satisfied, but it will stimulate their desire for sex and appear more sexual. powerful.

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2. During these two time periods, do women have stronger “physiological needs”?

A woman’s sexual desire is affected by hormones and the nerve center, and the secretion of hormones has a certain periodicity, with peaks and valleys. And there are two time nodes, when women’s sexual desire is the highest.

1. Two weeks before menstruation

Two weeks before a woman’s menstrual cramps is the peak of ovulation, estrogen also reaches its peak, and her physiological needs are at a strong stage. If you have a married life at this time, the quality of sex will be higher, and the probability of conception can also be greatly improved.

2. One week after menstruation

Seven days after the end of menstruation, which is also the 14th day of the menstrual cycle, the eggs in the body have gradually matured and are about to be discharged, accompanied by a certain amount of estrogen and androgen. This day is also a day when women’s physical needs are greater, their sexual desires are heightened, and women’s emotions are more sensitive.

Decreased sexual performance

3. What harm does a woman do to her body if she does not have a married life for a long time?

A harmonious sex life can relax women physically and mentally, and strengthen the physiological function of the ovaries, but if there is no married life for a long time, it may cause some problems.

May cause uterine or reproductive system diseases

Harmonious sex life will consume the body’s heat and make the muscles of the whole body participate in it, thereby enhancing the body’s resistance and metabolism.

The secretions during sexual life can not only prevent vaginal dryness, but at the same time, the estrogen secreted can promote blood circulation in the lower body, improve the physiological function of the ovaries, and nourish the uterus with blood.

Conversely, long-term different sex may prevent blood circulation and increase the risk of uterine congestion. Women may suffer from uterine cysts, fibroids and other diseases.

Decreased sexual performance

The sexual organs are relatively sensitive, and if they do not get the proper stimulation for a long time, it may cause women’s sexual frigidity and gradually lose their sexual desire. If the sexual desire cannot be brought up for a long time, both husband and wife may be under greater pressure, forming a vicious circle, resulting in weaker and weaker sexual function.

・Skin condition worsens

Estrogen is a vital thing for women and an important part of the endocrine system, which will affect the state of the skin. The stability of estrogen levels is reflected in the skin. If estrogen levels are stable, women’s skin will remain smooth and delicate. Otherwise, problems such as wrinkles, chloasma, and skin aging will come to their door sooner or later.

Skin condition worsens

4. How can middle-aged and elderly people have a harmonious sex life?

Due to the different peak periods of hormone levels, the sexual desires of men and women are not necessarily synchronized. At this time, how to have a harmonious married life is also a science.

First of all, make preparations. The survey found that the average foreplay for women is about 15.4 minutes, and they like to do it step by step. Compared with this data, men tend to be more impulsive and their desires come faster. Therefore, both parties should make sufficient preparations before having sex. Foreplay cannot be ignored. Kissing, hugging, caressing and other behaviors can improve the desire of both parties and the quality of sexual life, so that both parties can obtain a better sense of experience.

Second, get enough sleep. Enough sleep will make people full of energy, take every sexual act seriously, and both husband and wife can get more satisfaction in sexual acts.

Furthermore, strengthen communication. Good communication is very necessary in a harmonious sex life. Both partners should express their needs and discomforts in a timely manner, find a balance between the two, and reduce misunderstandings and injuries.

Finally, strengthen the exercise. Good physical fitness is an important way to improve sexual performance. When the physical condition is improved, the married life can be more durable and pleasant.

When people reach middle age, women still have physical needs, and their sexual desire may even be higher than that of men. But don’t be shy, women can also boldly speak out their desires.

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