Why do men like to hear women moan during sex?

1. It showcases your sexual prowess

Typically, women moan during orgasm, and men like to hear a woman’s moans to prove their sexual ability. Conversely, if a woman remains silent during sex, it can imply that she does not enjoy it, which can be frustrating for men.

2. Increases sexual desire

Men enjoy hearing a woman moan during sex because it is seen as a potent aphrodisiac and can ignite their passion. The subtle moans and rapid breaths of women during sex are often seen as a turn-on for men. A survey also found that 62.90% of men believed that hearing moans would make them more excited, and 32.29% found it to be a conquest.

3. Shows appreciation

For men, a woman’s moans are sincere praise and admiration, which shows that they are doing something right. Men love to see a woman lose control and feel satisfied with their performance.

4. Indicates satisfaction

For men, a woman’s moans are usually an indication of her satisfaction, and it can also help both partners achieve orgasm. Therefore, women, especially those who are more reserved, should not hesitate to moan during sex. If you are enjoying yourself, you cannot help but let it out. Additionally, telling a man that you love him can help please him and make him ejaculate quickly. Overall, men like to hear women moan during sex, and the reason why women moan is mostly instinctual.

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