Why Do Men Like to Hear Women Scream "Don't"?
Why Do Men Like to Hear Women Scream "Don't"?

Why do men like to hear women say “no”?

In fact, male friends like women to scream under their own stimulation for the sake of satisfaction and stimulation. This kind of sound can make male friends’ behavior more sensitive. It is also a form of encouragement and stimulation, usually indicating their powerful sexual function. Male friends find that their partners may become sexually indifferent during sexual intercourse, but they can achieve orgasm. Then, she can use an arousal gel before sex to quickly stimulate her female partner and help her reach orgasm quickly.

How do girls usually make sounds during that time?

In fact, this is a comfortable moan that girls make. This kind of sound is accurately called a moan, which is a form of comfortable expression. It is normal to have this situation during sex. It is recommended to pay attention to the method of grasping when in the same room, so that both parties can feel happy. In addition, when in the same room, we should also pay attention to the physical condition of each other. Otherwise, we may feel tired and mentally exhausted. During the same room period, an arousal gel can be used, which helps lubrication, promotes pleasure, and improves sensitivity, further enjoying the sexual climax.

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