Why Do People Make Noise During Sex
Why Do People Make Noise During Sex

Why do women make a sound when having sex?

First, it is normal to make a sound during sex, which indicates having an orgasm. Female orgasm has many manifestations, and like male orgasm, female orgasm is produced by clitoral stimulation. Male orgasm is produced by stimulation of the glans.

Second, the reason for making a sound during sex is that the sound is controlled by the left half of the brain, specifically the language center. However, in some situations or when one is in a state of almost losing consciousness, people may not be able to receive instructions from the cerebral cortex, but will unconsciously and reflexively make sounds. For example, when intense excitement reaches orgasm, the state of tension throughout the body and the blur of consciousness can cause an unconscious sound of pleasure.

Third, this situation may also be caused by pain during the first sexual experience, such as for a new bride.

Why do men thrust heavily at the end of sex?

Men usually thrust heavily at the end to completely discharge semen. In general, the last few times a man has sex are due to ejaculation, that is, the male orgasm, during which semen is ejaculated from the penis and the penis contracts. The last few times are like the final sprint, which is beneficial for the discharge of all the semen. This is a normal sexual phenomenon. In fact, male friends should still pay attention to skills during sex, and we should also pay attention to the health issues related to sex. Both before and after sex, cleanliness should be considered. Many men have a short sex time, which leads to an unsatisfactory sexual life. You can use an excellent energy-delay spray, spray it twice 20 minutes before sex, which can effectively prolong sex for 10 to 30 minutes and improve male endurance. This allows men to enjoy themselves while satisfying their female partners, thereby improving the quality of sex.

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