Why Women Make Noise During Sex and Why Men Finish Strong?

Women can have different expressions of orgasm, but the clitoris is often the key to female pleasure, just as the glans of the penis is for males.

The sounds people make during sex are controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain, specifically the language center. However, in some situations, such as when someone is highly aroused or in a state of almost losing consciousness, they may unconsciously and reflexively make sounds. When intense excitement reaches its peak, the body tenses up, and consciousness becomes fuzzy, resulting in involuntary sounds of pleasure.

This could also be due to pain during the first sexual encounter, such as in the case of a newlywed bride.

Why do men finish strong?

After a period of time, men reach the critical point of the vas deferens, seminal vesicles, and prostate. The vas deferens begins to rhythmically contract and spasm. Continuous stimulation allows semen to rapidly pass through the penis and be ejaculated, producing pleasure.

The reason for the last two strong contractions is to allow the sperm to be ejaculated more quickly, making the experience more intense. You can think of it as a final sprint at the end of a race, where moving quickly during critical moments can lead to orgasm.

Why do men continue to thrust after they have finished?

1. Incomplete Ejaculation

Male ejaculation can occur in pulses, rather than all at once. Thrusting a few more times can help to expel any remaining semen.

2. Increased Pleasure

Although men can reach orgasm easily, the duration is often brief. Therefore, continuing to move after ejaculation can prolong the pleasure.

3. Boosting Self-esteem

Women often take longer to become aroused, and sometimes men can ejaculate before their partners have reached orgasm. As a result, men may continue to thrust to make sure their partners feel satisfied.

4. Expressing Affection

Abruptly stopping sexual activity right after ejaculation can be perceived as unfeeling. Women are sensitive creatures, and gentle motions can help deepen emotional connections.

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