Why do women moan when having sex?
Why do women moan when having sex?

Why do women make a sound when men enter them?

This situation may be related to lack of sexual experience or low sensitivity of the glans. Pay attention to communication, adequate foreplay, and more caressing. Suggestions: Hello, the sensitive G-spot of women is located 3-4 cm deep in the vagina. As long as it is touched. Before having sex, you should caress the woman and arouse her sexual desire. Sex is a two-person matter, and completing this great project requires the cooperation of both parties.

How to determine if a man has entered?

Both parties must actively cooperate in this matter. Generally speaking, boys will cause the penis to completely enter the vagina and even stimulate the cervix during orgasm. Boys can see and feel it. It is recommended to pay attention to good hygiene habits usually. You should take a shower before and after being in the same room. When making love, you can create a romantic environment. TV and movies have some emotional colors that are very good.

If it is the first time, women will feel a little pain, and there will be some resistance, because the hymen will break and bleeding will occur. Both parties should keep the lower body clean and use a little force for the first time. During the first sexual intercourse, the hymen is ruptured at the top, forming a crack and causing bleeding. Generally, the amount of bleeding is not large. Due to the different shapes of the hymen, the degree of rupture will vary greatly. The septate hymen with two holes bleeds more and is accompanied by more severe pain.

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