1. What Are Hard Ten days capsules?
Hard Ten Days is a kind of Male Enhancement pills originated from China and it has been a pop seller in the US market for nearly 10 years.

2. What is the main function for the Hard ten days?

The main function for the Hard ten days capsules is to to help men of all ages increase there sexual desire, increase the penis size in length and width, and also help the men to get hard ans strong erection. The useful ingredients also have a special effect on increasing the production of hormones and sperm levels in the male body.?

3. Will the Hard ten days help the men get the big size forever?
The effect will be varied from users, but generally speaking, yes. As the feedback shows, there is 30% of users give us positive feedback. As the instruction tells, the size would be extend for 1 cm by width and 1-3 cm by length if the users can keep taking the hard ten days capsules for more than 3 months.

4. How to take the Hard ten days capsules?
There are 2 different taking method. Daily care and fast effect use. If you have a normal penis size and good kidney function, there is no need to take the pills everyday, for 1 pill can last for 36 hours. You can just take 1 pill in 15-20 minutes before sex intercourse.
If you want to improve the penis size, you can take it in the morning with a empty stomach.
But, in order to see sufficient gains, you need to take them for a minimum of 3 months.?

5.Are Hard Ten Days Safe?
Hard Ten days is made of all herbal and natural ingredients, so it will not cause any side effects.
Please do not take more than 1 pill per time and do not take twice in 24 hours.

6. How long does it take for Hard ten days to Work?
The hard ten days is made of highly concentrated abstract, so it can be absobed by the users easily and work fast. As the test shows, the users can feel the effect in 15-20 minutes after taking.

7. Are These Hard ten days Pills Guaranteed to Work?
Effects varied, we can not guarantee that the pills will work for all the buyers. We can only say that the pill is worth to try and we have a 30 days money back policy.

8.How long shall we get the order?
We can send out your order in 2 business day after your payment being confirmed. And after that we would send you an email with a tracking number. You can check the shipping information on www.usps.com and Basically, you can get the package on your door in 9-12 days.